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  1. Awesome thread; its ones like this which give a lot more depth into what's affected/concerned the typical onliner and therefore hits closest to home. As far as my experiences go, I got into poker end of '06. A buddy of mine in law school used to dominate the 5-10 NL games on party poker and I'd watch him play during off times, he had me read some books and soon I was off to play MTTs. I've always been very happy with where I stood in online poker and considered myself one of those true MTT grinders (mainly from Bodog and UB with FT and stars mixed in). I rarely played for those huge tournament shots but grinded anything from $1 to $200 typically and have said many times before if there's money to be made in a tournament I'll play it. Many guys found certain games to be beneath them and I never understood that - I played to make money not stroke my ego and still enjoyed taking down small or big MTTs all the same. I've had some ups and downs for sure but I guess my swings have been much more moderate as compared to many others. I'd like to think that my discipline overall in terms of game selection, bankroll management, etc. kept me from such variance. My most challenging time came in 2010 right after I had my daughter with many obvious changes in my life. I had taken a ton of time away having moved as well and honestly felt a bit rusty and not playing in ideal conditions. Jumping to 2011 I rededicated myself and was grinding like crazy on most of the sites, with a major breakthrough over on Fulltilt which pushed my bankroll to 6k or so. I finally reached a point where I didn't have to keep grinding $4.40 tournaments only to pull 1k out of a 1.5k roll immediately to pay for bills (I was literally playing on $400-600 bankroll and with some combo of luck and skill to never bust when I kept pulling out money) which meant I could increase my buy-in range and right at the Black Friday time I was hitting my stride, finishing with a $21,600 run inside a 30-day period. Of the overall profit I ended up seeing only a fraction of this by the time everything was said and done. I was pulling in even less money because the remaining sites were taking 2 months to get 1 check and I was effectively forced out of poker. Merge and cake are still around but where's the motivation when I have to wait so long for my money coupled with the risk that the DOJ is ready to pounce on the remaining sites? It all still feels so immediate that I find it hard to speak in the past tense. I had some down months in the end of last year as far as motivation is concerned and in some ways had been going through the motions, with an agreement to take the bar and move from there but honestly I'm not interested in going back to law. I have space in my resume that will need explaining and if I move into the standard workforce I'll likely have to work 2 jobs; one pro bono for some non-profit to get my resume back in order and the other just to take any job that comes my way. If a normal job is what it comes down to then so be it, but I am going to try my hand at day trading and see where it takes me. By this I mean immerse myself completely and set a strict schedule. So my free time right now is learning anything I can on investing and I just hope to immerse myself in it before I put down any real money. The funny thing is, I read early on how statistically 80% of all day traders fail and quit their first year and all I can think to myself is WOW 20% succeed? Only 5% in poker really make any money...20% seems like a breeze as long as I play my cards right. Maybe I just think differently, but I'll take that 1 in 5 shot any day.

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