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  1. Very well said Dough! Just to show how right U are, I am a good example. I made a backing deal in may 2010 and turned from a recreational player to start a poker career. Due to some circumstances that were out of my control I had to make a decision and when I got this offer it looked to be the best choice as I didn't have such a bankroll to play for a living. I never regretted it... We started w trainings, HH reviews together w my backer and that turned me from a break even/slightly winner into a reasonable player at my stake, managing to turn out profit at the end of each month till now, so I really never been in MU. And the greatest thing happened last month when we decided that I have to move on and develop myself further. So I started to look for a coach, contacted a couple of them and I was fortunate enough to make a deal with one of the best and well respected poker trainers out there. And the most important thing of all is that I would have never been able to afford such an intensive coaching program without my backers support, who saw the potential in me and was willing to invest in my training and also to move me up in stakes. And just as U said Dough the improvement speed is something You can not imagine if never got the opportunity to experience it. And the candy for the end: I closed this month as my most profitable one since I play this game shipping the 2 biggest score up to date of my career. And the odds of all these to happen without a backing deal or without having a gold-sack dad sponsoring U, believe me is close to 0% or would take an eternity to achieve. Hope these all makes sense and all the respect for such great posts like Yours, metadonk's and Jmaster's.

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