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  1. M/ M effective

    I've been thinking about Harrington's M measure recently. Here's something that isn't quite clear to me: M effective doesn't seem to be a perfect adjustment for short-handed tables. Meff is a good indicator of DESPERATION, but I think the inflection points (zones) are slightly lower than when using M in 9-handed play. i.e. Meff can be directly substituted for M at a short-handed table in r e.g. a stack of 3000 at 200/400 no antes at a full table would be M=5 a stack of 9000 at 200/400 no antes at a 3-handed table would be Meff=5 I think the measures are the same in the way they determine how often you should be raising, but are slightly different in how they determine what your action should be when you do raise: whether you should raise/fold, raise/call, or push. At the first table I would usually be pushing anything I raise with. At the second table this isn't necessary because the raise would be very large relative to the pot/blinds. Is it technically correct to push anything you raise with in both situations from a NES standpoint? Does it only seem wrong at the shorthanded table because usually opponents will incorrectly fold to smaller raises more than they should (making a shove unnecessary)? What if any is the difference btwn M and Meff if you are trying to play NES shorthanded? This has been bugging the hell out of me. Please spew all your thoughts on this. It's fundamental to the game, and I think we all MUST fully understand it to succeed. THANKS!

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