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  1. Does anyone know a link to watch games, or would someone like to share a NBA league pass login for some cash via paypal?
  2. HBO Go doesn't work in Costa Rica. Any sites to stream this from?
  3. You should 3bet preflop since the opener is a decent player. And also make a decision about the stacks behind you. If one of them jams or 4 bets are you going to fold or call? I think your call,call preflop is very -EV. Late in MTTs it is all about picking the best play in the best spots based on reads you have collected on your opponents. Good cards help too. Constantly remind yourself that you need to focus.
  4. Hi 888poker. I am trying to download 888poker so I can play some WSOP satellites. I click run and the download starts but when it gets to about 30-40% the download box just closes. I have tried this 5 times now. Is there some settings I need to change on my computer? I am running windows 10. I did not have any issues with pokerstars or partypoker. Thank You
  5. FTP looks terrible. I will probably just play there on Sundays. Yea I have skrill and neteller. Appreciate the info.
  6. Awesome Thank You. Yeah I have been here 4 days. Just got set up on Stars and FTP. Havent played in 5 years. What other sites should I set up? 888 or Party any good?
  7. Also does Pokerstars not have late registration or is there just a setting I need to change in the filters?
  8. What is the time zone pokerstars bases all their tournaments around? I am in Central time in Latin America. Just wondering what time the bigger fields and tournaments are at. Thanks
  9. Very soon. He is kind of a douche in his black cape.
  10. I just got to Jaco, Costa Rica. Who has been here or lives here that can show or tell me some fun things to do? Any insight would be great.
  11. I am moving to Costa Rica in January. I haven't played much online poker since 2011. What are some good tips, articles, books or coaching sites to help get me caught up with online poker and how it has evolved since 2011? I will be grinding Mtts from $100 and less. Anything helps. Thanks
  12. Thanks guys. Probably going to end up staying at Caesars.
  13. Going to Vegas for the 27th, 28th and 29th of April. Free flight there, already have tickets. I don't have a hotel yet tho. Where should I stay? What are the best websites for a good deal somewhere on the strip? Havent been to vegas since I was 21. Halp
  14. I haven't played online poker since black Friday. I recently signed up to bovada put $50 on the site. I shipped a decent tourney and I am looking for cashout advice. My only cashout option is a check. It says it cant be sent to a PO Box. problem is I am not home most week days to sign for fedex delivery. Can I have it sent to my work if that address doesn't match my home? Any help or advice would be appreciated.

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