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  1. I have been playing PLO for lot's of years now in a live game at my local casino and online. I have not been overly committed the last 2 years and just find myself win some lose some kind of break near even. In the past I did fairly well for a family man that plays as a hobby. It seems to me (as I am aware poker is skill and luck should never be used an excuse) but in both settings I will be doing well only to run into someone gambling with a naked flush draw inside wraps and calling down with 2 pair. I seem lost and confused and would like to get back to being a decent to good player again. In order for this to happen I have decided to work harder and study more on the game of poker. PLO is the most popular higher stakes game in my region so I am determined to get better at it. If this means starting from the beginning that's fine, might be good. I took a look at PLO Quick Pro's site and I see they have some good stuff but to get what I am looking for is comes with a nice sized Price. I am wondering if anyone out there have used this, what there experiance was with using this training, but most of all is it worth the money they charge??? Do not mind paying if it will help me become a better PLO player. Thanks for the time

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