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  1. Just looking for some info been out of the loop. How are Cash out going for US Players on Carbon poker?
  2. How about adding this to my latest live cash P5s.. I do not show any lives cash and where is the badge for winning a WSOP ring while we are at it. You got to keep users engaged
  3. Thanks Guys I appreciate it, Nice to some of the old school bauces in this thread. Wish you all the best.. Might not make sense, But I learned more about playing poker and my game, by not playing for awhile. I just see the game different. I am sure you will also. Go for it!! glgl to everyone
  4. You Need more Badges Jaxson...LOL JK Sucks I lost heads up in an old stars P5s open cost me a badge... How about a badge for a WSOP Ring win?
  5. Thanks Guys. Here is the WSOP Blog About it http://blog.wsop.com/2014/04/john-feore-jr-wins-first-gold-ring-in-event-6/ I Played good, Ran good and Got lucky when I needed to... The Three things you have to do to win win these... Feels Great to finish the job and get the hardware..
  6. On a Better Note... I just shipped event #6 $365 6 max for $29,492!!!!!! figure i would give a brag in the cherokee thread http://blog.wsop.com/2014/04/john-feore-jr-wins-first-gold-ring-in-event-6/
  7. I went through this a year ago. Make up some BS about your uncle being a southern District US attorney General and if you don't get your money you are gonna turn them in. I had a WU in 8 weeks. BR Savage gave the strategy and it worked.. glgl all
  8. Never folding, if i am beat on to the next one. but if you are right you might have the stack to get you going deep and make a run. Even if you lose you still have almost 90bbs.. You had the table scattered, smothered and covered...Not sure i could ever be big chip leader at my table early in a tourney at 20/40 and get away
  9. Never Folding just very UL. It Happens. Just Move on deal you in the next one..

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