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  1. What is the best way to get notifications? I don’t have Twitter. Do I need it to get the notifications. My son isn’t stressing about it though which is good but I want to be a man of my word and buy it for him sooner than later
  2. R.I.P DMX

    Yeah ok I will start right away lmfao. I like this new OT where mods just let everyone say whatever they want. I’m dumb because I don’t feel sorry for him passing and then in the other thread I’m dumb for saying Deshaun Watson should get his chance to prove himself. Lmao I have an opinion and I stated it and I stick by opinion. DMX made great music but was a shitty person therefore I don’t feel no pitty for him passing.
  3. Yeah I thought I would been able to buy one by now as well. I check Xbox.com everyday. Went to GameStop, Best Buy and Walmart as well and they all said the same thing which every sell was online and never had any at the stores.
  4. R.I.P DMX

    He could afford to get help choose not to. Robbed people via knife and his dog countless times. I love his music and listen to it everyday doesn’t mean I feel sorry for him or someone like Robin Williams. Mental health issues runs in my family so I know exactly how it can ruin lives usually the people who loves the person with the issues and of course the person. Money isn’t the solution but he could afford to get help and is my main point
  5. The more I think about it Bad Bunny had to trained more than 2 months but if not then I am beyond impressed. If he added some muscle to his frame he for sure could be a wrestler from what I saw last night. Who is everyone rooting for in tonight main event? Daniel Bryan here but I don’t think it will happen
  6. Lol thanks Hacker as always. I was a little tipsy when I posted that but my main point is that what Kraft did is illegal and he got no punishment even though he was caught on camera and guilty. Watson rep is ruined forever and he hasn’t been found guilty of anything. Other main point is why didn’t the women go to the police versus coming out of the woodworks when a couple of lawsuits got filed. If they felt they were sexually assaulted by him. I really think he paid for it as well and was consensual just like Kraft is my last point. It goes back to what I said before that if I was rich or famous I would have contracts for the women to sign just like in 50 shades of gray movie. Women definitely will blackmail guys after consensual sex. Lots of women also have full time jobs and sell ass just not like a normal prostitute does. If he did do what he is accused of then he should go to jail not just get sued.
  7. Totally agree about how they made The New Day look so bad which was also my biggest beef when Lesser squashed Kofi years back. Women’s tag match, New Day match and Strowman was my least favorite matches.
  8. You really don’t think he was paying for the massage therapists and it was agreed upon just as Kraft did? That’s what I am saying is he paid for it but the women are lying on him to get money out of him. If he really sexually assaulted these women then why did they go get a lawyer instead of going to the police? My point about Kraft is that he got caught on camera and nothing happens to him and he basically gets a free pass other than some embarrassment while Watson has already been found guilty by the OT police lol. What happened to innocent until proven guilty? FYI, women ask for money for sexual favors more than people would ever believe. I will leave it at that.
  9. Some of you all are so fucking obvious to white privelage it’s not even funny
  10. A dumb comparison my point is that Kraft a billionaire gets away with paying for it but Watson a black millionaire doesn’t. If you don’t get what I’m saying then you never will so stfu
  11. Of course I can’t rewind it which really blows. I wonder if I can watch it later and watch what I want to watch again
  12. That spot with the hair at the end was fucking amazing
  13. Pippin crowd noises was the worst no matter if it was wrestling or other sports. My biggest complaint about wrestling is the fact there are almost no true heels versus faces where I know who is who.
  14. Definitely has to be a fetish. Suspension coming guaranteed. What pisses me off is the owner of the Patriots gets caught on camera paying for oral from a massage therapist which you know he has probably did several times and he gets nothing
  15. A crowd into the matches makes all the difference in the world

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