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  1. Last night was cool..decided i wanted to watch my football bets than play 5 tables,but i did play while watching and cashed in the Sat Micro (18/177) for a whooping 6 bucks!..i know for a fact i could have went alot further but my dumb ass was frying chicken (please save the black guy and chicken jokes lol) for the game and i ended up forgetting about my add on lol..all good!.As far as the overall field,i have alot of holes in my game,but 1 of the main issues i have is more than less the same issues i have w my youngest son.which is discipline!..DISCIPLINE,DISCIPLINE,DISCIPLINE!!..Learning to fold marginal hands is a big deal for me.At some point i was chip leader and thinking i could make moves and people will just get out of fthe way is a bad idea vs recreational players..i kept opening UTG w/hands like KQs,JTs,78s,small PP'S etc. I dont wanna say im better,but i swear its like i can see there hold cards because at the micros i noticed "they dont bluff enough" or they bet in spots where the play doesnt make sense and i pick em off,so was able to steal/bluff through middle stage of tourney quite often.so after that i donked off the $1K Giveaway (first hand shoved TT o/p with 1 raise and 1 all in in front of me).ok,what i was thinking was... 1) FREEROLLS ARE CRAZY!! 2) Pretty much a shovefest anyway 3)If these Tens Hold!,ill be able to work the table better (if that even makes sense) needless to say was up against AK & AJ...NEXT!! On to the $10 Freeroll- Now heres where i decided to actual listen to myself instead of going against my better judgement and took 2/250+ for an added bonus of $1.47 ( i know right.Ballin!) bringing BR to a lil over $40..so now heres where i fall lol..i decided to invest $2 of the winnings to micro table and got it in P/F w AA v K5 of clubs (wtf??) K5??!!!..that made me so mad and had to pack bowl and think for a sec. Even though i knw its variance i tend to take it hard and try and see what can i have done diff. not to stack him off,but i dont know what i did wrong there. ugh! so to start this Sun. the BR is at $37.88 first game is the Sun. Micro Rebuy + BIg Add on..and will be playing the SNG series on wsop (BR on wsop is $27) GL ME!!!

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