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  1. Watching Lex Veldhuis play is not a good idea for a new player. There are many other streamers out there that will relate more to a beginner. There is a lot of free content on YouTube by Jonathan Little, Gripsed and others. If you are an MTT player look up Alex Fitzgerald and his free content -he sends an email every day to his subscribers for free. If you are a cash player BlackRain's crushing the microstakes is a good starting point and is still relevant after all these years for these stakes -the book is not expensive and a one time purchase. Many poker books are outdated you may find their PDFs online, read a couple but keep in mind that many of the content there is outdated. Also Google is your friend.
  2. Jr

    Which sites will you be able to play at?
  3. So were you able to sustain it? Any positive win rate (after the rake) is good, but of course the more, the better. At 5NL it should be over 10bb/100 if you want to consider yourself ready for the next level.

    Dude I thought it reopened after you woke this thread up 😄
  5. Also start thinking in big blinds (bb) rather than actual chip counts and note what stack size (in BBs) your opponents are doing. Calling 5bb from a 100bb stack is different than flatting it with a stack of 25bb (read fish or a monster).

    What do you mean they changed location? I've been playing there for a couple of months and the variance feels as usual for any big online poker room.
  7. The best hand out of 7 cards (5 on board, 2 in your hand) wins. So Player A has: 55A98 Player B has: 66AK9 Since 66 is a bigger pair Player B wins. You can use both, one or none of the cards in your hand (eg: high flush on board) to have a winning showdown.
  8. Regardless of the action and the result, keep playing at that table! "UTG: Qd-7d HJ: As-Ac CO: 8h-9c SB: 8c-9h Preflop Action: UTG opens for 30, HJ 3bets to 90, CO calls, SB calls and UTG calls" Having the Ace of spades was the key to that bluff but surprising to see the fish were able to fold it, probably partly because of the history between them and the aggressor I presume.
  9. It was tested back in 2012 for bad beats and the results were "inconclusive" at best. " A significant bias in the results for dominated hands was detected in samples A and B, which were taken at full ring and 6-max tables from identical stakes over similar time periods. The results shown would occur in both samples due to variance very rarely - approximately once in every 53,500 tests. There were also significant deviations in favour of the underdog for 'behind hands' in samples A and B. Also of note was a deviation of 2.27 standard deviations in sample C (where hands were from the same time period as samples A and B but at different stakes). However, the other tests (including an 11.5 million hand sample over a 5 month time period) all showed results within 2 standard deviations of expectancy. Due to the results from the tests on samples A and B it cannot be concluded that i-Poker has passed these bad beat tests. However, the bias shown in samples A and B was isolated and not consistent with results from the other samples which showed no bias and it therefore cannot be concluded that i-Poker has outright failed the bad beat test. " More details -> https://www.ispokerrigged.com/is_ipoker_rigged.html
  10. Looks very good brother, would definitely help players who want to improve. Could you please elaborate on the ranges being used? Also do you have any plans to include GG Poker hand histories? Thanks!
  11. IMHO the application of GTO may be overrated. Best strategy would be understanding the GTO play in a certain spot, extrapolating it to similar spots through studying then knowing when and how far to deviate from the GTO action at the table vs players who think GTO is GTA misspelled. The weaker the players the more you can deviate from GTO to exploitative plays. But looking at poker through the lens of mathematics can never be overrated.

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