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  1. karahhhyo on ftp like 1900 for first kthxbye
  2. welll ty ty so much for the rails last night! I could hardly sleep! I took work off today since i had the best day of poker and best day of work of my life, and nowww i am prolly bein dumb but gunna play a 109 dollar tourney to celebrate :) stop by if u want <3 u guys :)
  3. lol plzzzzzzzzzzzzz Wretchy taught me some new language. So i must be a guy lol.
  4. Omg jealous much? I haven't cashed out this much, but I've cashed out some. Dont open my threads if u just wanna be a bitch. I didnt say anything to u when u just won the other night.
  5. I have cashed out BTW lol. I already sent in my id last time. Thanks for your concern tho daddy.
  6. transfers went thru, eggiebets is in. Blufhard u just play a 26 tomorrow or whenever and same rules plz

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