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  1. Knockout Bounty Strategies

    The Knockout Bounty Tournament is a rapidly developing form of MTT where players get bonus money for getting rid of other players. This tournament often runs in the following formats: A portion of your purchase leads to a prize pool The rest of your purchase is made to get a prize in your head Players collect all the prizes in your head when they manage to accumulate you The biggest prize I've ever seen is worth half of the purchase, with around 25% of the purchase as a gift as usual. So, remember that most of the money is still earned by making it to the final table. Because of that gift, everything gets very wild very quickly. The golden rules of the Bounty Tournament are: This tournament attracts many recreational players, and recreational players try too hard to take prizes. With that in mind, I will teach 3 strategies that will increase your level of victory in this tournament and help you understand the recreational players who play it. Visit also best free article spinner rewriter, article spinner. Strategy 1: Never bully someone you have covered Remember the golden rule: most players try too hard to take gifts. These games are naturally much looser than standard MTT. Players often call and encourage very weakly in the hope of receiving other people's gifts. Small piles like bloody fish in the shark tank. In the knockout prize, people crowded around small piles like hungry animals. They will raise your salary increase and call your push wide to try and get your prize. This means that if you are a small stack: People will not appreciate your theft People will not respect your bets People will not appreciate your encouragement Then how can we adapt as a small pile? Steal from other small stacks that you don't have Fasten, play strong hands and push with a top pair or better to value against the person who is hunting your prize Don't let yourself become a small pile through stupid initial tournament games Strategy 2: Play for the final table, prizes are a bonus Remember the last tip - everyone tries too hard to get a prize. They often risk their shots to get a simple prize. For this reason, you see many people pushing early. If you play a strong and disciplined game, you can often make money without winning too many pots. If you play an intelligent MTT strategy and do deep ones, you will eliminate players. You get the prize, but in this way you don't take the risk to make the final table carelessly. Here are the benefits of making bubbles with healthy stacks: You have good folding equity with your bets and theft, so: You can steal endlessly by threatening to destroy smaller stacks, giving yourself a better position in money. With bigger stacks: You cover more players, so naturally take more prizes. It is a win-win. Don't waste your stack early to get a prize, when making the final table worth 15 prizes. You will take gifts along the way Finally, once you get to the final table, remember that the first place is far more valuable than any prize. Earlier in the tournament, prizes were worth far more relative to the winnings you expected for the tournament. Later in the tournament, the difference between places 7 and 6 might be worth 10 prize money. So it's not worth throwing away chip leads for risky prizes. Play close to the standard MTT game at the final table.

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