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  1. Cash out denied Inbox x cashier@digitalexchange.eu 10:40 AM (58 minutes ago) to me Hello hazerdus, Your recent cash out request 34172390 in the amount of 143 USD has been cancelled and the funds returned to your DigitalExchange account. For further information regarding your cash out request, please contact Live Support for assistance or email us at cashier@DigitalExchange.eu. You can also give us a call at 1-877-314-4195. Thank you for understanding. Regards, The Team at DigitalExchange
  2. ok eduard says im good to go i believe him. ill try. if so i would say they did handle it quick and professionally. but still.... shouldnt have to be that difficult.
  3. Eduard M:Im really trying to help you here, Charles. Lets keep it professional 19:17Eduard M:Stay online 19:17charles cadotte:ok 19:17charles cadotte:i really want you to help me here as well 19:21charles cadotte:ill wait what ive gathered so far is you can reject a withdraw at anytime for any reason then the player is required to play through the rejected amount because it shows up in your system as a deposit... is this correct? 19:22Eduard M:No 19:22Eduard M:Looks like the information is not updated, hence me double checking 19:22Eduard M:Then again, please stay online 19:22c
  4. charles cadotte:im sure it was just a screw up i did plan on playing on the site but wanna store my coin offline where i can at least collect interest on it. If i can never cash it out without problems i wont play on the site anymore. ill post about my experience in the forum. other than that i cant do anything ive heard good things about americascardroom. id like to be able to say good things about americascardroom as its the best of only a few options 19:03charles cadotte:its only $143 19:03Eduard M:In order to cash out there are rules to follow as I already mentioned, one of them is tha
  5. so pissed. getting money off this site when bitcoin prices are rising is like impossible. bunch of crooks. so they just keep stalling me with different types of i.d - bills yada yada. now i cant cashout because of Be kindly advised that your withdrawal is based on a recent deposit. Funds deposited are meant for you to fund your account in order to access the games we offer. You can cash out any earnings coming from our games but you must generate at least 10% of rake revenue over the amount deposited to be eligible for a payout. Players must allow 72 hours after a recent deposit to reque
  6. So i Kinda stumbled into some profit due to my tendency to procrastinate. Coinbase needed me to send in some docs meanwhile bitcoin and ether skyrocket (totally intoxicated one night at blockchain i apparently traded bitcoin for ether). Now im not really as interested in cashing out as maybe reinvesting in some litecoins - I believe thats the right term. Any predictions?
  7. I have $50 on acr (pokerchief29) I need $50 on carbon (pokerchief29)
  8. Hi, I tried to deposit $100 on americas cardroom today using my netspend card and no luck. I called and they said that it was declined due to insuficiant funds but the money is there im staring at my account balance on my screen. So i had the guy try a lower amount and it was declined he said i need to use a different visa card. Ive never had this problem before. Anyone have a successful deposit using netspend on this site before? If not what card did you use? thanks!
  9. can you still only play like 4 bovada games at a time?
  10. hi pokerchief29 , u wrote abt sending some poker ebooks on MTT strategies in one of ur threads... can u pls send it to me? thanks. my email id is [email]amitshur@yahoo.co.in[/email]


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