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  1. definitey true Drew, either I'll crumble under the pressure or I'll get better and grow into a successful player. Good Luck on the felt Ryan
  2. Great advice blazinchron, I've hired a coach for both MTTs and Cash, so we'll see how that goes. Thanks for the advice, think it's very valid. Good Luck on the felt Ryan
  3. MYBLUEDOG...all great advice that I'll definitely take into consideration! Good luck on the felt. Ryan
  4. Donkiman, yeah that would be ideal but not the case really...its more like I'm starting with a $3-$5k bankroll and will use that to grind online and live and see what happens, the money can be replenished should I go busto but hoping that this will be a good starting point. Good luck on the felt Ryan
  5. Great advice boner...I think coming out of the military after 20 years finding a balance in life will be the hard part for me but with a steady plan I think I'll be able to make it work. Good luck on the felt! Ryan
  6. I'm about to take the plunge and play poker as a profession. Whille a bit scarey I think I have the skills and tools to be successful. I'm going to go from a moderate part time player to a full-time grinder. I'll be playing both live and online, cash and MTTs. Cash stakes will be $200-$500 online and £200-£500 live, tourney buy-ins will vary widely both online and live. Any suggestions on approach, HUDs, BR management? Thanks Ryan
  7. I'm pretty much strictly a NL player. I've never used the 5% or 40x BB rule when it came to playing. I normally play with the max buy in for that level and play. I often multi table which may be where I'm going wrong, I'm not sure. I do lose focus when I'm on a good run and tend to become more of a LAG player. I'm going to take all of your advice into consideration and start over and see what happens. Thanks for the great responses.
  8. I like to think I'm a pretty good poker player( I play from $1-$2 up to $5-$10). I've won several smaller live tournies (biggest win is $600 first place) biggest night online is about $2200 on Full Tilt playing $5-$10 NL and took $75 up to $3500 during a different span on Full Tilt. I go on these runs where I win consistently and the after a few days or weeks, it all goes sour and then the bank roll goes with it. I want to stop having to start my bankroll over. I'd like to start again with about $500 and build from there. Can anyone give me some tips on how to better manage my bankroll? How to build my bankroll so I can move up in stakes? How to deal with the vairance in online poker? All in all I'd really just like some valuable tips on being a successful player consistently.
  9. Maybe if he's a tight player and you KNOW he'd only push with a monster hand like AA then it could be a good lay down, only if you can go broke. I think early on, unlikely he had AA, possible however. The point being that you'd only lose half your stack if you get bad beat would've been enough for me to call. I think you still had enough chips to remain a danger and easily could've doubled back up. At the final table with a big amount of money on the line should you go broke, then I think I'd lay them down too.
  10. You all crack me up...like you've never played A9 before and been burned. Just wanted to know if anyone would've folded...I know the call was not good but had to see to get info.
  11. it's the curse of the withdraw! i'm going through it right now...big winning...big withdrawl...instant downward spiral. just don't let it get you down..remember you won to get there and you can do it again!
  12. I agree...you got your chips in with the best hand and found yourself rivered as usual. Unlucky but there is nothing wrong with this play, it was in the hands of the poker Gods and this time they chose against you!
  13. Only Doyle and Hellmuth could make that lay down!
  14. I don't play outside my bankroll at all...$2/$4 to $5/$10 are my standard size games. Just wondering if this happens to others. Seems to happen to me alot...and the short stack too...God bless the short stack! DexterBoy
  15. Being a decent PLO player myself...my best avise is to not play to many hands just to see a flop. If you have AA or KK then obvioulsy raise but be weary of connected flops that allow for straights etc. PLO takes alot more patience and remember your FH may not be the "Nuts". Start on lower limits to you get comfortable. My fav hands preflop are runner (i.e. 9 10 J Q) hands like that are more likely to be your winners. It takes 2 cards to make a flush so don't make that costly mistake...lol...I did...oops! Good luck at the tables. DexterBoy

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