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  1. Is poker stars rigged ? the facts.

    There has been an ongoing debate for many years about the legitimacy of Poker stars and other online poker networks. Conspiracy or fact ? Our first report will reveal the statistics and data gathered from analyzing over 36,000 hands on The Pokerstars network. Our researchers played in a variety of low to mid stakes SNG's and Rebuys tournaments in the first quarter of 2014 and the information was filed analysed and studied by several experienced poker pro's, a qualified statistician and two key industry experts. We will continue our research anonymously ( for now) and present the DOJ ( Department of justice) with a full detailed report in the foreseeable future. Our findings will not only astound you but will question the legitimacy of the site. Strange betting patterns, fake accounts, unbelievable plays and rigged flops to create action. We are all well aware of petitions online and its a known fact that Pokerstars has people working on numerous forums such as 2+2 right the way up to senior management level.So we will release the information we gathered in segments over the coming months.( thank you for your patience) In order to make a full assessment and have unbiased data we also need to hear from anyone who has experienced "strange" occurrences and witnessed similar situations to those we will outline in our up coming blogs. OK so back to the research,for obvious reasons we will not reveal all the personal details and names so we can continue with our research. Lets start with when we entered 8 of our researchers to play in a $3.30 Re-buy satellite. Firstly we found that a huge number, in fact almost all of eastern Europeans were able to speak perfect english and use the correct dialect, as we purposely engaged them in conversation.Strange but not impossible, maybe they had exceptional teachers. All our researchers played conservatively and as we approached the business end of the tournaments we really started to see some very strange betting patterns and unbelievable suck outs, bad beats. Luckily with the introduction of boom player we were able to record what went on to support our findings. One of many examples we have on file. A player, lets call him player X made a small raise from mid position and was called by the cut off,one our our researchers (lets call them all player R) was holding pocket Aces and shoved all in, an immediate call from from player X (risking his tournament life ) and a fold from the other player sat at the table. Player X revealed hole cards of 3 6 os. The flop 4 5 7. Amazed at this play we searched the player and found him entered into 4 other similar games.We observed his tables over the next hour or so and we began to see a pattern emerging. On one table 2 from the money he again went all in with 8 3 os only to get a call from a player holding AKs and hit a Full house on the flop. Again amazed at what we saw we studied some of the other plays made by player X. And quickly found that if an opponent did not shove pre flop there was always plenty of action to induce an all in bet on the turn and river only for player X to call and hit EVERY TIME, 6/6. We searched for the players data on all the big and smaller sites, sharkscope, pokerprolabs, playerscope etc and found nothing. We also observed other opponents ( not our researchers) question his play and make accusations against him claiming he was hitting/winning because he was "Russian" on 3 of the 4 occasions we witnessed this he was re-seated at another table. We all may have theories and can all see the benefits of a "rigged" site, after all they make money from rake and entry fees and there is a lot more we can go into regarding this but for now we just want to stick to the FACTS. We will publish more data over the coming days. As mentioned previously we have detailed data, Boom replays to support our findings but would like to hear from anyone else who has experienced anything they feel could help support this research so we can present a full unbiased report to the DOJ. who can then further investigate the matter and hopefully get to the truth. Feel free to comment, contact or share your experiences. All comments are without prejudice and in no way related to the sites on which they are published/posted and based on fact gathered over 36,432 hands played on poker stars in the first quarter of 2014. Regards The research team.

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