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    I am a 29 yr old male who enjoys the nuances of the game of Poker.I am from a small town in Southern Ontario and we love our Orangeville Northmen Lacrosse team.Huge fan of most sports but my passions are NCAA Hoops and NFL
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    Las Vegas
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    Golf,Hockey,Lacrosse,Drinking Captain Morgans,Smoking Marijuana Getting my dinky Stinky
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    NL/PL HE, 1/2 and under
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    NL/PL HE SNGs, $10+


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  1. If Jaybone hadn’t of commented on my Concord 11 FB post I prolly would t have logged in haven’t barely come around. I’ll try and check in more than bi annually tho
  2. not BF BUT to my understanding SNKRS app is having a big restock on Monday and Nike I think is gonna be 25% off site wide
  3. Helluva game in Maui- Zags fan for a day
  4. He’s forgotten more about college basketball than you’ll ever know
  5. Also huge shoutout to Robbie the guy is a legend glad you could meet dolphin and help out in the process
  6. Duck Fuke but those guys got a solid team I seen them Play up here in August inevitable March choke looming though. RJ is a fucking stud Heels gonna be a sleeping giant just wait
  7. Caught up with whole thread some some stuff I missed being MIA from here for like 2 years You gents are fucking legends don’t ever forget it One question I may have glazed over it but I didn’t see dolphin doing much baller shit other than buying a snow globe (story almost made me cry) when u get to Indy at least have an expensive meal
  8. Canada doesn’t need the US to cop heat sneakers
  9. Orangeville Prep repping on the Hardwood at all levels. Great 1st game in The CC looking forward to game 2
  10. What's the champ got on his feet today ?
  11. You'd think busting before the $$ would make you wanna get blacked out. Are people still doing last level beers at the main ?
  12. http://www.wsop.com/pdfs/reports/15673/EV73-DAY2-AB-COUNTS-BY-SEAT.pdf Hero is on Table Gretzky with PLP

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