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  1. ok thanks guys ive restarted comp il restart router now. reset router and comp still not working. fixed now firewall had turned itself on to block stars client stndrd.
  2. any1 else's stars client just constantly on the connecting in stage of the lobby atm. just woke up today and this happening when my internet is working fine. I gota play me some pokers!
  3. this would be cool as id nearly have my 3 mirrion badge instead of a sucky 100k
  4. yer i was like wtf sum bstd draw perhaps 8-9cc maybe doubt he flats a set on flop or anything or like j7 etc
  5. PokerStars Game #53883778642: Tournament #2010121004, $300+$20 USD Hold'em No Limit - Level III (40/80) - 2010/12/07 18:43:26 WET [2010/12/07 13:43:26 ET] Table '2010121004 12' 9-max Seat #3 is the button Seat 1: Proudflop (13992 in chips) Seat 2: johny9 (10715 in chips) Seat 3: Archdragon21 (8174 in chips) Seat 4: tomthebomb2 (8994 in chips) Seat 5: DeanoSupremo (15310 in chips) Seat 6: dave_eba (10000 in chips) Seat 7: gavonater (16700 in chips) Seat 8: iPkrChamp (2985 in chips) Seat 9: doofus86 (10680 in chips) tomthebomb2: posts small blind 40 DeanoSupremo: posts big blind 80 *** HOLE CARDS *** Dealt to Proudflop [Qd Jc] dave_eba: folds gavonater: folds iPkrChamp: folds doofus86: raises 140 to 220 Proudflop: calls 220 johny9: folds Archdragon21: calls 220 tomthebomb2: folds DeanoSupremo: folds *** FLOP *** [7c Tc Js] doofus86: checks Proudflop: bets 400 Archdragon21: calls 400 doofus86: calls 400 *** TURN *** [7c Tc Js] [7d] doofus86: checks Proudflop: bets 1045 Archdragon21: raises 1405 to 2450 doofus86: folds Proudflop: calls 1405 *** RIVER *** [7c Tc Js 7d] [Qh] Proudflop: checks Archdragon21: bets 5104 and is all-in??? really have no idea what type of hand hes reppin here wen hes flattin pre and flattin flop to raise turn, any ideas? guy seems meh aint really been much action all mainly evloved around me to this spot.
  6. i wanna kno what happend to the guy who had 'isildur1' as his username he get compd or something? he was in 1 of my games few months back... or maybe this is just him taking a shot!
  7. just me or does that blacked out face look strangely like viktor blom has about the correct hair anyway.
  8. supernova isnt worth a great deal unless your churning out 4k insta bonuses and making enough to vpps to get some decent milestone cash credits. but the multiplier is ok i guess and i always used to get amazon vouchers around that level there pretty decent value. gl with the grind
  9. watever happened to railin the hell outa the best players and jus straight up stealing ther games. cost $000
  10. $6/$13 6 max normals are pretty much the worst games on the net i suggest less tables study the game properly then add tables as u move up anywhere 20% region is good. look to rail guys like md and pezrez they still crushing the 6 max normals i moved to turbos now because they jus dont run over a certain level look to go into turbos anywhere around the $50 level imo. dont take it for granted the always play ur A game and be extremely self discplined etc hand hist every session and so on. if ur not crushin over a min 500 game sample giv up on life.
  11. hey djk what suggestions would you give for a sng grinder playing $100-$500 games on-line, wanting to transfer into mtts?
  12. ok so im playing sngs anywhere between 10-16 tabs on stars n i like to tile them from top left to bottom right with the earliest start time at top left. but when i bust sumthing i have to drag all the tabs around to have them in the rite order n then retile them, so was wondring if thers jus an option on stars to tile in order of start time ano some sites have this available but stars dosnt as i know of anyway. also would sumthing like table ninja have this option available or not any help is apreciated cheers guys
  13. yer just realised it was in caps my bad
  14. i was thinkin of gettin a apple macbook pro to replace my old sony its not my main computer as i have a desktop set up as well was just wondering how well apple macs run poker clients and stuff and if theres any problems with software? also i would be running hem so jus dont really wanna spend a bunch of money on sumit that sucks help please!!!
  15. so im playing stars and when im moving my tables around im gettin like drag or lag on them and i dont know why. it gets really furstrating when ive got 10+ tabs up trying to move thm round, also they seem a little less responsive whem im hitting call raise etc. any1 know why this i thought internet problems perhaps but it says 100% connection. ive had my comp for a couple years maybe its strugglin with the tasks new 1 perhaps? suggestions for a new comp if thought is needed. any advice please!

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