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  2. But seriously, you all should be very scared of this group planning to take over the world, for i am the leader of this secret club.Obama and others commonly refer to me as " King Purp". Lol ok, this thread is pretty ridiculous and im going to be completely honest, i was a little under the influence while watching this show and it completely tripped me out and i had to go make a post somewhere to see what other people thought immediately. I appologize for the retarded bantering in some of the statements i made, however i still do believe that the group exists, but not quite the rest of the jibberish that is being said.But like i guess i said many times...anything is possible.Funsy play time, atleast it made for some good beration.
  3. I'm not being stubborn because i don't completely agree with one side or the other.....i agree that it's most likely just a conspiracy but i also agree that it could happen.I know absolutely nothing about this kind of stuff as do pretty much all of us.And thats the reason i started this post because i thought people would be interested/as shocked as i was if they were to hear it for the first time as well.0.0000001% of us knows wtf is going on in the world behind closed doors and thats just how it is, so i just wanted to get some opinions and not some random bullshitter who hasnt looked into it whatsoever calling it off like its just some complete fairytale, because im sure many bad things are going on that none of us have any idea about. Unknown 12, 2011 at 2:46am Re: conspiracy theory I remember a few months ago, v3kked was telling me about this(he's a philosophy major and they deal with things like this a fair bit). He more or less said that the key behind conspiracy theories like the "bildebergs" is essentially that they make a bunch of claims that are difficult to refute and are made by relatively intelligent/educated people and as a result seem more reasonable than they are. An example of an irrefutable claim is a big part of why religion is still so common. By making it impossible to prove or disprove whether believing in god leads to good things in the afterlife, the fear of bad things happening in the afterlife leads lots of people to believe in god. Similarly here when an exclusive club like this has private meetings amongst elite people, it is impossible for anyone to refute any of their claims. I personally haven't watched any of the videos, but just because you or I are incapable of disproving something that doesn't necessarily make it true. I briefly looked at Jess Ventura's wiki page and saw that 1) he is an ex-professional wrestler and 2) after 9/11 made claims that the buildings were blown up by explosives rather than planes. Obviously that doesn't 100% prove anything, but *most likely* given that previous history he is the type of person who is good at self-promotion and interested in presenting things in a way that will be controversial and create attention. I think its far different to see him presenting these arguments vs some introvert who seeks no media attention- tons of "out there" theories are people just acting ridiculous to get as much media exposure as possible. A recent similar comparison that I've found can be seen here- http://www.facebook.com/l/f8c73PBnBH8SXL_eQUAhOea8Siw/online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748704111504576059713528698754.html. This author presumably doesn't even parent in the fashion that they discuss, they are simply trying to sell as many books as possible and after the media buzz that this created they will certainly succeed at this goal. This is the kind of answer i was looking for, because clearly i am not very knowledgeable on the subject and just wanted some decent insight.
  4. I clearly said that all your questions are answered within the show, that is the whole point....clearly you are arguing without having any knowledge whatsoever.If you want to say anything meaningful actually try watching it first and then coming back.
  5. All i have to say to all these dumb responses are people who are on one wave length and cant think of any other possibilities in life are the only dumb ones.Everyone is so stubborn in their way of thinking that nothing else can possibly be right or even given a chance.....try thinking outside the box for once in your life.Pretty funny that you're telling me about logical thinking.I overreacted right away yes i agree on that but as for the possibility and things like this that we don't know about actually are happening i do not think im wrong.Yes maybe the exact happening of what i explained could be right or could be wrong but many factors within this whole thing are still true.
  6. No one has ever made a typo before im sure, 2ndly i really cant see how anyone is so close minded to not even see this as a possibility, seems pretty ridiculous.
  7. Listen if youre so interested/think its such an impossibility then watch it for yourself, that is really the only way.I don't care how many of you believe it or believe its a possibility or not, all im saying is the chances of this may or may not be 1/10000000000 but what if it were that one time wouldn't you want to check it out for yourself and understand that it is a possibility instead of just being totally oblivious and letting the world come to an end?There is no harm in what i am doing, only out of good thoughts and i may have/been overreacting but i don't think that this whole scenario should be sidewashed as a total joke.
  8. Use common sense and watch what i watched and or look it up before saying it cant be true, to say that this is not possible is dumb as slight as the chances may be it is still possible, and many of the things on the show are still very possible.
  9. http://www.trutv.com/video/conspiracy-theory/full-episodes/secret-societies.html Yes this is the episode, if not 1% believable atleast it will be good entertainment, so whoever wants to can watch it then state their opinions/and or look it up and try to get some more information.
  10. LOL profile pic of me and bryan sums it up???? Common if thats sums it up i should be the smarted person in the world and everyone should be freaking out right now.lol. Obviously it may not all be true, but theres definitely a lot of it that is, so i dont know why all of you are just going on hating on me when you haven't researched it at all for yourselves.Yes it sounds absurd, but yes it is a possibility.
  11. Ok thats fine, but its proven that there is a group that does "run" the world and i believe that. It's speculation as to what they are doing/going to do because its almost impossible for anyone to get into their meetings/hear what they are doing/planning.....it may be an overreaction by me but i have never seen anything like this before and to see something like that was pretty shocking about something that could definitely be a possibility, anything is possible so i wouldnt want to be the only "idiot" that actually was freaked out by this when the whole world starts dying, i just wanted some perspective and for people to have an open mind.And its also been proven/have seen shows that a lot of the water is awful for us/totally contaminated im not sure of the exact details, as well they mentioned aspartame in the show that is out on the market in almost all pops which is "poisonous".......its a big world and shit goes on that none of us know about is all im saying and its kind of shocking to just watch a show like this.It just seems so unbelievable that how could anyone have a show on t.v just saying all this shit and talking about how theres a secret group of ppl that control everyhting (medicine, vaccines, food, water etc) which is very posisble and we all know control freaks are fucked up and so it could definitely be a possibility.It just sounds so fucking insane that it could actually be real??!!?Does that make any sense? I really dont care about the people who clown on me thats fine, it makes me feel better if anything, but i dont think its beyond comprehension for this to be happening.Rather be safe than sorry, if any of you have ever heard of that saying before.I know it sounds absurd ive been thinking about it for a while and it seems absolutely ridiculous obviously and it is just a theory based on the name but why not go and tell people anyway whats the harm in letting everyone know that its a possibility?Clowns gon clown as well i know you enjoy it so thats cool with me.
  12. He may be a douchebag cocksucker thats fine, but even the biggest pos's in the world can be right sometimes.....and fwiw its not just him alone its many other people as well. http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=13808 http://www.trutv.com/conspiracy/in-the-shadows/bilderberg-group/secret-society-goals.html
  13. So everyone is just too stubborn to ever admit theres shit going on that we dont know about and that everything is just fine and dandy?I dont care if most of you just poke fun w.e doesnt matter to me, you dont have to listen to me and think im full of sht, thats fine but just go and watch the show is all i ask.I just felt it my obligation to share what i saw thats all.Haters gon hate so somc.
  14. As most of you may or may not know i do not post on P5's very often, but what im about to write i have posted many different places because i think it is extremely important to show was i saw to as many people as possible. Today i watched literally the scariest thing i have ever seen in my life on television.It totally blew my mind and just completely freaked me out.This show had nothing to do with societies normal view on scary i.e a horror film or scary movie.The show i watched was called "conspiracy theory" and i feel that after watching that show it is my obligation to tell as many people as possible to watch the same episode as i did because i cannot even explain how unbelievable it is and i encourage all of you who read this to look it up and take up a couple hours of your time watching it and/or researching it because its honestly the most mind blowingly scary thing i have ever experienced.The show was with Jesse Ventura about "the bildebergs". It is basically about how there are a couple of groups who run the world as one government(obviously the most powerful people in the world) and make all the worlds decisions. Apparently they are planning to kill off 90% of the population through vaccines, medication, and contaminating food and water because the world as we know it has too many people for them to control.And the 10% who survive will remain infertile so that they can control everything.Jesse Ventura who is running the show and doing the information has a ton of evidence and has many witnesses and very smart people commenting on whats going on and taking it extremely seriously, so it is obviously not a joke.They are trying to warn the world from this show and to scare everyone and make it a reality.This is what scared me the most, there was no sugar coating and it was all very straightforward and scared me to the bone.Please for everyone who reads this to look it up and find this show i watched/do some research online. I would like to know everyones thoughts on this after they have watched what i just did.Thank you for your time.
  15. If i only had a Hammer

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