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  1. Wow, I really wish they would just ban you already Strong Play. Since everything you say is pure BS.
  2. lol, the amount of stone lies in this thread is hilarious. Let's start at the beginning, I have never been to AC. Ever. Not even once. Haven't played 2/5 live anytime in the last year. "Pretty sure I saw on wickedchops that he was known to indulge fairly frequently in illicit substances, could this be a factor?" Wtf? I'd like to see a link to this, as I'm pretty sure this is BS that was just made up on the spot. "I was talking with a few guys in AC and they said he has been backed for that and a couple of live tourneys >1k BI..." I have never been backed for any tournament live or online, ever. I can't remember ever coming into the SB at the WSOP and arguing with the dealer. Since I've only ever had about 1 argument with a dealer in my whole life, this seems pretty damn unlikely. And last but not least (though I know no one will believe this), even if I take away my wsop final table and all money made from sponsorship, I am still well in the black for poker lifetime. This kind of thread is the reason I stopped coming to pocketfives, cept when I want a good laugh at the idiocy. -scott montgomery
  3. Fun Player Fun Player to watch on tv and Canadian! Go Scott!
  4. lol, you are such a whiney bitch randers. wouldn't stop mouthing of at the table every time you lost of pot. what a child. oh and to correct your post, all the money got in on the turn. 63 > 88 on board of 3574. nice over shove on turn :)
  5. -top 20 in cardplayer poy -learn to play horse
  6. i remember the hand against durr. he raised, got a call and then in the BB i have AA. we all had deep stacks, so i seemed like a perfect steal spot. so the oversized raise looks nice and suspicious. plus if i triple his bet i will usually get 2 callers, which if definetely don't want. so i think 5x was the right bet, and i did get 1 caller anyway, which was what i wanted. but i hear what you are saying. if it had have been heads up i would have stayed with the standard 3x bet so as not to give away anything about my hand. well done in that tourny though. too bad you couldn't have busted ivan :p
  7. well, it's about a week until final table time for the wsop main event. all the eps have aired on tv already. as expected, i looked like a total fool. understandable, since i sure played like one. but that's not important. i have a request for the p5 community. i need help. do you have a lot of free time, and feel like helping a sucker like me win the main event? here's how. first - watch the videos available of me (wpt season 6 LA poker classic, wsop main event day 7) and tell me if you spot any tells, patterns, etc. Even better if you've ever actually played with me live and remember any glaring weaknesses (other than my general bad play). though from the posts on p5's i guess if you've ever played with me, you think i'm an arrogant prick. so i'm probably outta luck there, lol. second - do the same for my opponents. watch any eps available showing them (wsop main event, chinos other wsop final table, ivan at wsope main event, which i haven't been able to watch but am told is out there) and try to spot tells. if you've played with them live, what did you think of them? then pm me with your finds. might be useful, might not. either way, a good way to waste some time this week, since i don't have much else to do. who knows, you might even influence who wins the world series of poker :)
  8. the joe awada thing was the funniest part of the whole hand. i probably would have turned around and decked him straight out after seeing that i lost. and yes, i do suck that much to put it all in with no hand, no draw, and no fold equity. go me!
  9. well saturday went well. up to 80,400 after day 1a hopefully don't crash and burn like the final prelim event, where i got destroyed in 9th and just made my money back anybody else survive day 1?
  10. for the charity one, they take $100 out of your $1000 entry. so not bad at all. i've been in la for the last few days, but nothing worth mentioning yet. hopefully i can keep up my run in the main event though :p
  11. hmm, here's my rags to riches story. started out online with about $50, busted three or 4 times before i started getting it going. so total investment of about $200. i remember winning a 6-handed $30 tourny for about $900 bucks after a few months. after that I have never invested another cent in poker. started playing live with money i'd withdrawn from online, and also expanded to multiple sites. current bankroll >$1,000,000
  12. looks like 351 started, 88 left, and Ho is at about 2.5 times avg
  13. Op, you're exactly right about bellagio. Unless someone calls you on it, they never ID. Very few casinos in vegas do. For cash outs of more than a few thousand they might ask for a players card or ID.
  14. punished? i would have gone bust if i didn't slowplay. slowplaying saved me.

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