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  1. Hi all, I'm kicking off a new meetup.com group on Tuesday, July 27 at The Red Lion pub in Kingly Street, London, from 7.15pm. This will be a monthly chance to take a break from the feltage for just a few precious hours to chew over all things relating to the beautiful game. Players of all experience levels are welcome (well, multi-multi-tabling ICM ballas probably won't have the time or inclination to attend, I'm guessing) as we mull anything and everything from the worlds of live and online poker, though as I mainly play the donkaments I will be doing my best to steer things in that direction! Every now and then you need to get things off your chest - and sinking a few beers at the same time can't hurt either, can it? Sign up via the link, please. Hope to see you there. Trevor Johnson http://www.meetup.com/Beery-Poker-Social-Group/

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