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  1. Hey fellow grinders whas up ? Thought i would give a big and nice update here about past 5 weeks grind and some personnal views on how to grind more effectively. Results have been great shipped a lot of mtt's moved up a bit in stakes you can find my recent scores on my profile but the biggest ones where : 1st in the tornado 109$ for 3.x k 1st in the lightning 109$ for 4.x k 2nd in the thunder 55$ for 2k a lot of other nice scores also. Let 's get to my thoughts... Grinding online MTT's can become very tough when you run bad obv nothing new here, but it can also get very unmotivating if you just look at graphs when running bad. So I think that looking at graphs should be done weekly/ or even monthly at least you will have normally a decent volume at this point and will probably see ups and downs in the graph. Whereas if you take a look every day it will happen so often that after 4 days you see only down down down down and start getting unmotivated, or even worse, play to min cash instead of trying to go deep in tourneys, both things will affect your ROI and will lead to an even worse graph and at this point you will find yourself in a vicious cercle. So stop watch your graphs or watch them only when you are crushing it will motivate you even more Other than that, you should make a schedule (I mean not just for poker) and stick to it, by doing that you will have time free/ time to grind/ time to study and that is going to help you not to get lazy or just play FIFA or watch series whatever your addiction is. You might find it hard to follow it due to unexpected events that will suddenly emerge, but better sometimes not be able to follow it is much better than not having one at all. You will find yourself playing poker because it is on your schedule as a regular job, not just out of boredom front of your PC I hope someone will find a + in those advice. Cheers rami

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