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  1. So since Feb 21, I've managed to tally tournament cashes of $4149, a lil over $3,000 and a lil over $6100, both the 4149 and<6gs score supplanted my best cash which was a lil over 4gs on full tilts Midnight Madness back in the day.. my question is what's your viewpoint on rebus in tourneys? I've found myself rebuking in $20-$35 a couple times if need be(the 3k score was actually a $30+3 6k gtd and the 4k score was a 5th place in a $150 with 1 rebuy.. I've found the little more expensive tourneys have been a lil easier, as it's a grind, reach the money then really its a free frail so to speak where aggressiveness (c betting, 3 betting but not calling off witout premium hands or a chip adv etc) is key.. after making a lil over 10 gs profit in 3 weeks, just lost a lil over a G within 2 days.. wha should be the mindset, still play the bigger buyin tourneys and don't rebuild, atleast more than once?

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