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  1. 1-3 NL Game Hero and Villain are both about $300 deep. Villain to Hero's immediate left is a LAG player, not great, but probably winning against the weak fish around. We've developed a good rapport, and have played several hands against each other. He has been pushing consistently in position against Hero, 3-betting pre, etc. Kind of guy that thinks all of my value bets against other players are bluffs. Hero holds KQo, but suits don't end up being a factor in the hand. 1 limper, Hero raises to $12 in SB. Villain calls in BB, limper folds. Flop comes 842 rainbow. Hero checks, Villain bets $25, hero calls. I believe there is a very good chance I have the best hand. Turn comes another 8. Hero checks, Villain checks back. River comes a third 8. Hero checks, Villain overbets $90. I tanked for a few minutes seriously considering this call. My thinking - if he has A-high, he checks the river. If he has an overpair, he never checks the turn let alone not 3-betting pre. Forget the case 8. He never overbets with a 4, 2, or middling pair. Hero folds, Villain slips me a glance of K7 as he mucks. Is there enough here to make this call? I honestly think there might be.

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