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  1. Lol. Just trying to take my own advice.
  2. Small Dutch oven on top of charcoal. Boom!!!!
  3. You may be able to spary ceramic the mild steel. Or maybe even just high heat paint. A plancha press may good solution too if there is electric.
  4. Ceramic seems good, but how are you going to seal the interface between the grill top and the ceramic? I'd probably just go with a steal pipe on top and weld it to the kettle top. Steel would be easier to find, lighter, and less brittle. The ceramic would have better conductive properties, but considering the cooking is being done submerged in a kettle surrounded by heat and the exposure is only 10 seconds, I can't imagine it would give you that big of an edge. Even though steel won't hold heat as well as ceramic it will heat faster so that is also something to consider . If I'm jamming I'd rather have somthing that heats quickly.
  5. Thanks. I'd tell you the same, but after getting owned by Sharrp you probably don't have what it takes. Good luck at the shelter. Stay safe.
  6. Lol at x ITT. Holy derp. When you're getting owned by Sharrp you are a full fledged cuck.
  7. So I love deadlifting, and if you know what you are doing they are definitely the safest compund lift IMO. However, if you don't know what you're it's a very injury prone movement, especially because the starting position isn't all that intuitive. Trap-bar is much more intuitive IMO and therefore less injury prone for recreational lifter. But I think you also touched on something that is important to this discussion - fun! People lift for different reasons. Some people want to double overhand grip just for the challenge, I think that's fine. I think it's fine to use straps too, your point about the equipment is valid, the guy even said he thought that was the problem. By LP I mean linear progression, basically if you are just starting out and can't hold on to the bar Id suggest some farmers carries. Just like if someone were just starting out on sqaut and your knees were coming together I might suggest some ankle, abducter, or glute assistance work. I guess your saying grip isn't that important to the lift, ok I guess, but I think that depends on how pure a stance you want to take on the movement.
  8. For that matter, why would any non-competitive weight lifter do traditional DL. Trap-bar is much more ergonomic and works basically the same muscles. I think you also need to put things in perspective. Strap guy is only pulling 305. I'm an older lifter, so I start using a Belt very early in my warmup compared to younger bucks. I get the safety first angle. But If your still in LP and you could pull more if you could just hang on to the bar, then some grip training is probably a good idea.
  9. Lol so true. Maybe if X had a job he could afford to take his family somewhere better than a shelter.
  10. I drive because my wife is a terrible driver. She has been at fault in multiple accidents. I have pleaded with her to drive safer, but she is stubborn AF.
  11. I found the guy with weak grip strength. :)
  12. Does your gym have a bench? When I'm traveling I've just taken the Olympic bar from the bench and DL at the foot of the bench. As long as you don't make too much noise during warmup, your heavy set will be over before they have time to complain.
  13. Don't use straps do farmers carries to build your grip strength on leg day. 305 is a nice Pole but I unimagined you have a lot of linear progression left in you don't sell yourself short now by using straps build your grip strength
  14. Sigh. It doesn't matter if it sells for pennies in Africa or China. The US is a different market, with different regulations around manufacturing. We can't buy Chinese pills because they aren't manufactured to our standard. Also generic daraprim is still widely used in other markets, so there are more options. The US does not manufacture a generic for this drug, presumably because it just isn't used enough in our market, so that also impacts the price. I think it was stupid to push it that high that fast. I also think his whole Rich white kid schtick is stupid and invites scrutiny. However that kind of price increase is not uncommon for drugs that were once ubiquitous, but are now rare. It just costs more to maintain a facility to manufacture the materials and the risk is higher because the drug is not used as widely. I think you guys just don't understand the amount of work and capital that goes into validating and maintaining a GMP facility to manufacture drugs in the US. It is not like making TVs where you switch out a few components on the line and BOOM! You are making 1080p TVs at your 4K facility. Consider this though... I can buy a CRT TV made in China for around $20. How much would it cost you to buy one made in the US?

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