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  1. lol sick spot imo fair deal should be: (cos there r 6k left for first = 3k left to chop and playaplz has 2:1 lead) at least ~23,7k for richard (tho if i was in his spot i'll ask for an even chop on no deal cos playaplz has better chances to win 6k => its like playing HU sng for 6k having 2:1 disadvantage) and ~24,7k for playaplz and play for 6k (and i assume 2:1 lead will win them like 80% of time at least) and on the mod side i really think that mod had to mention to richard that he is agreeing to take less then 2 place money (cos i had some FT chops with mods who know what is their job and double/triple check the deal with guy who dint speak english and was typing agree agree on evrything lol and mod using google translate and then calls another mod to clear that guy understand the deal)

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