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    I play poker for 6 years now and 2014 is a great year for me online and live. My main goal would be to play full time poker in 1-2 years.
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    AA (Why would somebody like another hand ?)
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    Poker, movies, video games
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    0,50/1$ NL
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  1. Hello PocketFivers, I'm looking for one staker/backer to take shot at higher stakes MTT. I play poker for 7 years now and 2014 was finally profitable in live and online poker. I mainly played on 3 poker sites: PKR, PokerStars and Espace Jeux and some other sites here & there to get the bonuses. Combined with live poker I made a rough 15K profit last year playing mostly micro and small stakes. These days, I'm playing on PKR (shorter and easier fields, but no life changing first prizes) and PokerStars (large fields with lot of good regs, but bigger rewards). The deal I'm looking for is MTT bankroll financing and coaching. We could try it for one month at first and see if we have a good fit and profit ;) I can play daily for next month. MTT I'm aiming to play are: PKR: - Any 20$ to 75$ BI + - Some major tourneys like the Masters PS: - Hots & Biggers from 22$ to 109$ - Progressive KO 27$+ - Some major tourneys like the SM I'm waiting for your proposals. I'm relatively new to ''official'' staking deals so let's talk. Thank you very much.

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