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    2 years off online poker, but now I'm back!
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    Hate cash, do my spuds
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    Rebuys, i usually need them

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  1. awesome lol thx and love the new badge, even tho i hope to not have it long!
  2. ive got 3 kids aged 1, 2 and 4. my soldiers are working like dogs! can i get a badge with a supersperm on it plz
  3. no roll, i do from time to time tho, never put my alias for it on here tho as the sharkscope graph is embarassing, i cant be arsed to build a roll in fields of thousands either tbh. euro sites are my home. one day tho........

  4. Always wondered why dont you play on stars?

  5. im really not happy about being no.2 in bucks! :) im coming for ya Jamie!!! lol nice score in sunday mill, glgl but watch ur back ;)

  6. RRriiipppCheeeaaaddderrrrrrrrrr brraapppp

  7. Get that triple crown on here p5s! Gratz mate! Why is there no RipCheader as favourite players!!?? Lol keep crushing man you're going nowhere but up! glgl

  8. A guy has asked me my thoughts on a structure for a charity live team mtt game. they want to make it a £30 rebuy. starts 7pm to midnight so not a lot of time really. theyre expecting around 80 runners! now obv this is gonna be a bit of a turbo but any suggestions on levels, stacks, rebuy period etc to fit this short time period? thx found poker soup sorted
  9. i think multi buy ins at ftp is a bit unfair on players with smaller brs and qualifiers, the fat rolled ballers have a huge added edge in these. moan over
  10. http://www.pokerisk.com/index.php?option=com_kunena&Itemid=2&func=view&catid=2&id=6226 focus vs volume discussion, additional opinions valued
  11. Grabbed by Holdem Manager NL Holdem $250(BB) Replayer SB ($8,523) Hero ($9,505) UTG ($8,374) UTG+1 ($4,985) UTG+2 ($2,305) MP1 ($5,580) MP2 ($4,240) MP3 ($4,726) 131 hands / 24vpip / 18 pfr / CO ($20,065) 109 hands / 19vpip / 14 pfr / 2.1 3bet BTN ($1,710) Dealt to Hero : : fold, fold, fold, fold, fold, MP3 raises to $500, CO raises to $1,275, fold, fold, fold, WWYD in BB??
  12. I think QQ is a call here and as someone else said id be folding JJ which is similar to the hand I posted. Looks like AK so if you wanna flip go for it. No harm in folding either and finding a better spot.

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