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  1. I checked for the old staking thread and got nothing, Was thinking with the WSOP coming we might see some sweat oppertunity's. I'm playing this $1M guaranteed MTT tomorrow at Texas card house. https://texascardhouse.com/million/ Wanted to see if anyone wanted a small sweat. Selling up to 20% at ($50 = 5%) ($100 =10%) obv. will post updates. BTW this thing is easily blowing past the guarantee.
  2. That GRAT license plate is moving into production.
  3. Just spent the last 2.5 hours reading thru this...about 50 pages....It's almost as good as the first time i read it. I can still see all the photo's in my head, i guess if you never saw the photo's it would be lame, but still hella epic to me!
  4. Damn, hang in there Jkob. Do you have any brothers or sisters willing to give you a kidney? Pump out an extra kid for body parts ect... My brother had a kidney removed (Cancer) about 15 years ago, he never missed a beat with the exception of a week in the hospital.
  5. When is this Trump Fuck getting back HIS presidency?
  6. Most likely need to be holding rares and ledgendary cards to qualify....They keep upping the stakes! My "score" is 285 and i barely got yesterdays rare pack, (Which BTW was absolute garbage, I sold all but the 12K LE (which is only a $9 moment itself) and netted -$57) Is anyone else having trouble going to the topshots site on chrome? It is just perpetually loading and never opens the site?
  7. Just checked out... Over 40k left... Thats around 79k right now.
  8. Lol... They say you can leave the queue but have to be back at 4:15... WTF. Edit... I see, thats for the rebound.
  9. 38200...in Hopefully im still "eligable" when we get to checkout.
  10. lol.... Series 1 is what's increasing everything else is dogecoining! Also seeing some LE's with less rarity selling for less than others....weird market!

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