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    32Red Poker
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    Las Vegas, NV
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    bubbling final tables
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    5 10 NL LIVE
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    NL MTTs, $50 to $200

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  1. just set up a twitter add me if ud like. flying in the 1st and staying till the 20th. probably going to play a few other venetian lower buyins as well that i didnt list. going to europe to see family the 22nd thru the 3rd then hopefully back for the main. gl everyone! http://twitter.com/#!/rob131986 june 2nd ven 1500 nlh june 4th wsop 1k nlh june 6th wsop 6max nlh 1500 june 8th wsop shootout nlh 1500 june 9th ven 1500 nlh june 11th wsop nlh 1500 june 12th wsop nlh 1k june 13th ven 1500 nlh june 14th ven 1k nlh june 16th wsop nlh 1500 june 18th wsop nlh 15

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