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    I try to play poker on the daily but I have to work so it gets in the way. I am better live but online is just much more available. I'm starting to play a lot more limit cash games if you have any good advice I love chatting about poker. Good luck at
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    32Red Poker
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    theatre manager
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    firekeepers casino BC
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    poker, music, reading,
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    180 sng

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  1. After what seemed like a very long trip to vegas I got home and had a bunch of family stuff and work catch up that took me away from the table for a few weeks. It was a shame too because right before I left I had my best finish in an mtt...11th not a huge payday but sooooooo close to the FT I want this year. Well last night I played the same tourny for the first time since I've been back. 2.20 1R1A 8K and placed 14th. In both of these games I feel like I played very well. In the 11th place game I acually rode the short stack most of the later part of the tourny where as last night I was 2nd in

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