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    is this a trick question?
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    horses, school, sc2, sports freak
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    deep blinds and antes 6 max weeeee
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    Rush Poker Tournies atm
  1. back in, missed 3 levels luckily people let me actually cash being inactive ( small mtt only 27 people cash so not bad i guess)
  2. So BCP just froze on me, and now after restarting the client everything works except being able to open any tournies. Sadly I am 4 people before the bubble in a tourny at the moment and clearly less then thrilled. Anyone else having this issue?
  3. it is a rake trap personally i only do it early in the slow structure mtts what is funny is on some training videos people call them rebuys,... there is a huge difference rake wise
  4. glad they still have their forum on 2p2 and other places so they could be held accountable for why they did this,................. (of course they don't anymore fun times)
  5. cool what great customer oriented service from them by giving us 2 weeks to find a way to use points that only could be used a few times a day in mtts. This honestly looks like a site that decided to stop caring about the customers which is sad bc i liked the site a lot
  6. people actually play on lock? lolz
  7. email them ( and take screen shots of the problem) and they will likely refund you the money
  8. great idea for them to promote more play on the site
  9. the fact they gutted all VIP and points scares me im going to withdraw off too many other options still with xfer and or faster payouts anyways
  10. merge has become rather stupid and cheap with dropping the VIP program basically altogether, and making these one time tourny tickets. It made more sense when they were tickets for a series or series main event or something along those lines. Kahn, i know you have some connections to sites so my question is: Why do these sites think it is a good idea to do this!? It is horrible from a customer service point of view.
  11. how deep is the BB? i would generally be shoving but you are on the deep side for that. Flatting isn't ideal but is not that bad. Raising creates issues when you are guessing on if you want to raise fold or raise call. Because of that, i would be shoving instead
  12. so do you have any raising range pre for 60BB effective bc if your not raising AKcc when are you ever raisning basically none nutted? ( i mean TT+ is 2.2% of hands that is insanely nitty)

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