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    Russ Abrahams
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    I am from Mississauga, Ontario Canada. I want to live in Las Vegas one day so I can play live poker frequently, but I am happy to be playing online poker for now.
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    32Red Poker
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    poker player
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    Casino Niagara
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    Going to the gym, clubbing
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    1-2 NL
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    6.50 sng on pokerstars

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  1. Is it possible to date a girl and play poker? Well I feel that dating a girl is important regardless of what profession you may be in. I have not done a lot of online poker because I have been active trying to look for women on the online dating scene. I know there is one, I talk to quite frequently, but she lives in a different city than I do. This is the first time I actually trying to work something out with a girl from long distance, but I am really want to make the best of this situation. I feel that I would want to share with my fellow readers that finding a girl is the best thing you could do not only for your game, but life. I know a lot of readers out there are in their 20s and it is a ripe age to be looking for girls instead of spend countless hours in your mother's basement putting in large volumes of online poker chasing poker goals that might not be attainable if you tried again 5 years down the road. I know that I am not really much of a poker player anymore, but I want to become more of a blogger because like many of you on this site, we go to forums and discuss hands a lot more than we play poker. However, I feel that by getting out there to women, we can change some of the negative things about poker such as they are degenerate gamblers. You can even use the sense of humour that a lot of us developed about the game and apply it in other situations. In the movie Fight Club, Brad Pitt's character says "Never be Complete". I say you have to become complete if you want to get the most out of the redunancy that is known as poker. You have to get out there and escape your comfort zones and get out and meet women. I am pretty sure if you are single, you might not have a lot of experience with women or a lot of bad experiences with women. This is nothing to brag about at all, I will tell you that there are good women out there who are missing out on some really good guys because we get consumed by the nuances of life. If you are a poker player, be proud tell the woman you date that I play poker. She might not take a liking to it, but if she doesn't appreciate honest, upfront gentlemen then she is probably not worth going out with to begin with. I am not sure if I will ever play online poker ever again, but one thing is sure that I am not going to forget about my roots and will try to open up the eyes of some of the readers out there Thanks for reading R.A.

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