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    your mom pays me
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    golf bowling sports
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    NL/PL HE MTTs, $20 to $50

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  1. How can a beginning online poker player improve his/her game? I think many are looking for a quick fix to get good at poker. The fact is there's not just one way to suddenly become good at poker. Keep in mind that I am not claiming to be the world's greatest poker player. However, I do feel that I can offer some knowledge on improvement and how to do it. I also know this topic has been covered before but I feel I can offer some different perspectives as well as reinforce what you have heard already. I have been helped along the way and know I am a much better player every year than I was the year before. I firmly believe what they say about poker is true. It takes a minute to learn and a lifetime to master. To me it is important to develop a circle of poker friends that like to learn and teach as much as you do. I feel blessed to know some great players very well including but not limited to: Tony D1rtyr1v3rNardi, Mark P0ker H0Kroon (pictured), Mike WiscomurrayMurray, Steve Low_Chicago1Verrett, Mike "bigshooter" Hanson, Shawn westtexasmanRice, Chris Gibbons, Karl discomonkeyFenton, Jeremy worthitsSaunders and Brandon norajean Meyers to name a few. I know I have left some out and I apologize for that but it would be impossible to list you all so I stuck to those who I talk the most poker with. I would not be where I am at in poker without these guys. I feel this circle of friends is way more important than reading books or visiting poker sites. Having friends like this allows you to have some very in depth hand analysis and to see something from the other perspective as we all have differing styles. I like to analyze why we made each play on each street and if it was the correct play. Next, even if you are a grinder you need to take time each week learning and trying to improve. I often visit Training Sites, read books or magazines, or read online forums such as PocketFives. Take a day or a half day to learn each week. I also like to pull up several tables of one of the top ranked players and watch. Of course the drawback is that you can't see all of the hole cards. There are however several things you can study such as bet sizing, 3 bet percentages, and when a hand goes to showdown how it played out. If you get a chance, watch friends who are good and ask them what they have privately. Ask about the line they took and if you don't normally take that line try to see if it is something you would like to incorporate into your game. Also, when sharing hand histories ask the other person to be hard on you and pick out your leaks. Being nice will not help someone improve. When you are learning or trying new things, I feel it is important to practice. You need to feel comfortable with new concepts such as 3 and 4 betting. If it is the correct play you need to make it but only practice can give you the confidence to make some necessary plays. You may want to play lower stakes than normal when experimenting with different plays or styles. I often play as a maniac at lower stakes just to have that gear when I feel it is profitable elsewhere. There is no substitute for playing a lot of hands. You need to develop a feel for the game and that can only be done by playing. I have been given so much advice and help for free. I think you should also be able to find people who love the game. In my experience many poker players are willing to teach as long as you are looking to learn. So many are generous with their time and knowledge and are willing to teach as long as you are respectful and wanting to learn without bothering them inappropriately. Lastly if you have helped my poker game out, I would like to sincerely thank you publicly. I consider all of you friends and great people to know. I hope this helps some of you and best of luck. ryan beckwith PocketFives Scouting Report for ryan beckwith Ranked #402 Worldwide -- Career Online Tournament Cashes: $874,000 rbeckwith on all sites. Ryan Beckwith of Wisconsin placed 4th in the PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up in January '09 for $41,000. More recently, he has a win in the Full Tilt Poker $42k Guarantee for $20,500 along with a $12,600 score for 5th place in the Stars $300k Guaranteed ($50+5 DNG Sunday Special). In January '11, Ryan final-tabled the Full Tilt Sunday Brawl for $13,200 (7th place officially).

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