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  1. as a turbo mtt player myself , lab plays better and run better than most regs in turbos , hes no1
  2. ty u all guys , hope 1 of u win the main :)
  3. yer got to thank ppp n zeb for encouraging me to ditch the sng grind , and the biggest thnx to kickyourace , widout u none of this wud be possible
  4. ty guys , appreciate it a tonne
  5. i got 2x bichon/pom puppies for xmas, the boy looks exactly like the avatar, i thought changing to the avatar would mean instant run good , even the lab rat told me to switch to this 1.
  6. sick comeback from shortstack , well deserved
  7. pokerproplaya08 , zebest , mathieupoker , chubbybubby
  8. that new badge is lookin sexy , couldnt of happened to a nicer guy ... .now go get that triple crown
  9. TC baller! well done.
  10. yeah igot like 8k total , i got 2nd n 3rd like 2weeks back

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