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  1. i think it's pretty fair to say that most of the important US poker ppl had some prior warning. the dude that ratted out the sites was let go like 6 months prior to black friday. Soon after that..... Phil Helmuth/Annie Duke "leave" UB (even tho they were allegedly part owners and derived the vast majority of their income from sponsorship or part ownership of UB, however u wanna look at it) FTP introduces multi entry tourneys soon after, seemed like a greedy money grab at the time, and really really looks very shady now ****had several more but im falling asleep sidenote, everyone knows that the owners of ftp are the original ftp pros, some with bigger %'s than others, but the main owner could pay out the players out of his own pocket if necessary. They have the money, im guessing spread out in different bank accounts in the US, and probably alot in foreign accounts im sure. They are in a sticky situation tho, because they have alot or most of the money that ftp has made over the years themselves, so paying out the players is gonna be tricky without blatantly admitting to the DOJ that they are the actual owners. I have no idea how much of ftp's money was seized (or seized over the years), but since a huge chunk of their customers were americans, im guessing they had more seized than stars/ub. Im sure they wanna pay US customers back (whether just to restore international faith, or to do what's right), but it seems like they dont (or cant) wanna dip into the money theyve made/stashed away over the years to do it, but pay out with the seized funds. Im obviously really pissed I dont have my ftp$ in my hand right now (especially before wsop), I just think they are in a sticky situation, because of the ownership situation and are sort of bargaining with our money/seized money, however u wanna look at it. I just hope it all gets resolved soon. FTP hasnt handled this worth a damn, but their hands are tied in many aspects imo, they still need to hurry up and cash us out tho. Bottom line, regardless of your political views etc, this is mostly our govt's fault, and a travesty. Our liberties and personal freedoms are disappearing all the time, and this is a fkn joke. 80% of politicians are either corrupt, or in politics for other selfish reasons that dont actually have to do with "service" to their country. And the Harry Reid bill, lol. He's a real great human being, a real honest straight shooter, 100% looking out for his fellow countrymen.

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