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    Guangdong, China


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    US citizen living China to learn Mandarin and work in the supply chain field. Play poker on weekends building my bankroll and hoping to bink a 6-figure score.
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    KQ hearts
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    Supply chain
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    any horserace track
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    language, global cultures, running, chess
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    Omaha Hi/Lo
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  1. WSOP China 2017

    Hi Guys, For those interested, I did a bit of translating from Tencent Poker site; World Series of Poker (CHINA) and Tencent Poker Championship Finals (WSOP CHINA & TPT Finals) Contestants who qualify for the Finals will be given 10 free tickets to attend the Finals. Competitors will be allowed to compete in the additional events during the Games at the same time (only one category of events is allowed at the same time) WSOP CHINA and TPT Finals do not have a live registration. The contestants are all high-quality players and special guests selected by fair and open competition system in the online game platform "Dezhou-Tencent Edition". Every athletic poker fan has the opportunity to participate in the WSOP CHINA and TPT Finals, through their own sportsmanship and competitive ability to qualify for the final. So to sum it up, you will need to play on their poker website to qualify for their live events. Their Live events begin December 13th-December 22nd in SanYa. The online qualification ends December 3rd. I will post the schedule after this one. The Main Event is the same structure and chip stack as the USA WSOP Main event structure. I hope this info will bring more players into the Main Event. Let me know if have any questions. Best Regards,

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