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  1. Pence is going down, also. He knew during the transition Flynn was dirty and did nothing. Kushner for sure is dead meat, he told Flynn to talk to Russia to get them to delay the UN vote on Israel sanctions. Russia delays to help Netanyahu stay in power (kushners old buddy), and in exchange trump lifts obamas sanctions on Russia for interfering in our elections. Collusion right there. Trump, sessions, preibus, bannon all will be indicted as well.
  2. Any discrepancy between his documents and the ones the WH provided, and it's a problem.
  3. not trump himself, but his good friend Ronald Scrump.
  4. There will be democrats who go down in all this, yes. Campaign finance crimes abound in the senate and house.
  5. The trump jr story is the tip of the iceberg. Much worse is coming.
  6. Exactly. You're the worst kind of American, if you are American. Don't want to know, don't care to know, low information citizen.
  7. It's amazing and frightening how many people don't realize trump is a straight up con man money laundering criminal, and has been for 30+ years. Look for a huge load of financial crimes to be exposed. #crookeddonald #lockhimup
  8. Decent brawl between Harper and Strickland there
  9. Why would comey be begging for his job? He was 3 1/2 years into a 10 year term. Again the only one saying that he was begging for his job is trump and his word is nothing.
  10. Lol, I'm not betting on that shit. Republicans would have to actually do something for it to happen and I'm never betting on the patriotism of republicans.
  11. Senate sergeant at arms would do it.
  12. trump has absolutely zero credibility left, none. Comey pretty much wins that battle in a landslide.* * not trumps version of a landslide, a real one
  13. Shit, I was just throwing a crazy theory out there yesterday when I said that trump might just stay gone when he leaves on this overseas trip. If he actually goes (if he's not arrested before Friday), the possibility is getting larger and larger.
  14. Confirmed that Israel was the source of the intel trump leaked. I'm sure they'll just shrug it off, who cares if Russia shares it with Iran? Speculation now that trump will cancel his visit to Israel because of this.
  15. You're still working off the baseline that Russia wants to defeat isis, they don't. They want unrest in the Middle East to create refugees who will migrate to Western Europe.

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