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  1. If anyone reads this they simply won't believe. I play mostly the freerolls on ACR. This morning, playing a str8 high Omaha game, I folded to a raise holding the 4, 5 of hearts. Flop comes A,2,3 of hearts which of course would have made mini-str8 flush. 45 minutes later, on the same table, I again folded 4,5 of hearts. Flop comes 3,6,7 of hearts for another flopped str8 flush I missed. Unbelievable right? 3 hours later, playing another high Omaha game. Holding 5,7 of hearts and again folded it to a raise. Flop comes 4,6,8 of hearts. Nobody is ever going to tell me that ANY piece of software is going to deal three flopped straight flushes to one guy, all of them being in low hearts, over a 3 1/2 hour time period. It just ain't gonna happen. Their software is either A.F.U by design or there is a serious flaw that they don't know about.

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