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  1. im with the other sean beating my kqo aipf with such a small pair seemed unfair you played really well never got much momentum cuz of you.
  2. Congrats on yer biggest score!
  3. sick win on Monday deeeeeeb
  4. Nice job in WCOOP-28. Had to go to sleep with 4 left. I learned some good insight from all of you. Look forward to seeing how you finished.
  5. i use just laptop and touchpad sometimes get to 35ish tables
  6. I had A7s glad I folded knowing ace dead
  7. had jj was a planned misclick fwiw :)
  8. it's funny how that number keeps getting higher and higher the more she wins.
  9. Wednesday Fun

    I have to goto a bday dinner tomorrow but I'd be down another day to do this bet instead of giving odds first one to win a tourney.
  10. jaaaaaaaa u are the fucking man sir.
  11. nothing volume based, ever, for the rest of my life, period. nit
  12. I think me randall and thayer a team but thayers whining a lot so maybe not
  13. ship triple crown too. first one ever too
  14. Im not going to put anywhere near volume Ive put in any year but I think in our prime would be a really fun bet between me chad. But it would be very friendly, also chad mormans 21+ he just sucks as much as I do live and doesnt go much he did play a few wsop events.

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