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  1. Ok, as you might imagine, there are so many hands and so many things that went on leading to my $20,678 cash, that I could probably write pages and pages on it, so this is what I am going to do: Intentionally left out of this posting are the following: 1. All the color and pageantry of the event. 2. All the stuff about the allin at the end of the tourney and the non-controversy. 3. All of the hands where I had a monster and played it like anyone else would. 4. The 646265984638389594 times I raised preflop with nothing and wasn't called. 5. The 98739287347 times I reraised preflop with nothing and wasn't called. I will focus on 4 hands which I played, that I found fairly tough, and that caused big swings in my stack....one I played very well, one I am pretty sure I played poorly but got out of it alive, and the other 2 I am not so sure about. Feel free to give input as I found all of these pretty hard. 1.Day one, 300/600 (75)...I have 64,000 chips, which is well above the average. Middle position wuth 26k in chips mahes it 2000 to go...I have AJ offsuit in the BB, and reraise to 8k total, as has been kind of my habit, although this player I had not reraised yet. He just called the other 6k, leaving 18k or so in the pot. Flop comes KT9 all spades. I have the Ace of Spades, so I push him allin. He instacalls with KQ offsuit and wins, leaving me with about 38k. 2. A few hands later, another middle position guy who had me covered with like 40k opens for 2000. I have AK off on the button. I had previously just called in this spot with AK and showed it down, so I figured I'd change it up and raise. I made it 8k, and the raiser called. Flop came AJ3 rainbow. I had to figure out some way to double up, which meant him either having AQ, or me convincing him I had KK or QQ and have him bluff at it. He checked, and I thought checking behind accomplished both methods of doubling up. If he had AQ he would likely think he is best, and if he had no ace he would think I didn't have one anyway. Turn came 3c, and he bet 12k, which was almost half my stack. I really had to sell that I had no ace here, so I went into the think tank for 7 minutes, they made the floor come and call clock on me (for a non all in, no less), and eventutally I just threw in the 12k. The river came blank, he immediately pushed, I immediately called, and he immediately mucked, lol. Juanda, who was at the table, gave me some very nice words afterwards about how I played the hand, which made me feel good....he is sick. 3. Day 2....I was in 11th place with 119k chips and had red AA utg. I opened for 4k, and the bb who was the chipleader made it 20k total. No way was I letting this guy have a chance to fold QQ or JJ to an allin push, so I just called. Flop came QJT all spades wheeeeee. He checked and I checked. Turn came 3cf, and he bet 20k. Now I was quite sure that my actions were indicative of a med pair, so I thought he was taking a stab at the pot, so I made it 60k....he pushed allin...oops....pls kill me, I folded, but still had 36k (he flopped broadway with the K spades just for good measure btw. 4. Day 2....I built stack back up to 157k....2000/4000 500 ante....strong but slowplayer sb limps into my bb. I think of raising with j5dd but tap table instead. flop 9TK with 2 diamonds....sb checks, I check behind (wimp that I am). Turn comes 8cc. He bets 6k, now that I have the straight draw along with the flush draw, I call. Again, a little timid maybe, but I have position so why not. River comes the kinda weird 8dd, giving me the flush, but pairing the board. sb checks. Now I kinda thought he had nothing, but I was also worried he might be slowplaying some miracle full house, so I was really gonna just check behind and turn cards over, but what the hell, I'll throw 6k out there and maybe he has enough of a piece where he pays off a small bet...he immediately shoves allin for 37k more. hgdjgjfgjsfgjdsgfjsdgfjgsjgjka. I was totally lost....after a full 10 minutes of counting and pondering, I thought there was enough of a chance that he had made trips, and I would have had enough chips to keep playing if I was wrong, to call. So I did, and he had 67cc for a straight. I am honestly not so sure how easy this call was, or if it was right at all. All in all, another nice showing at foxwoods by me, it was nice to meet everyone whom I had not met before. sheets

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