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    Shemp Hain
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    Working on internet marketing so I can retire and play poker all day.
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    Comedian, Poker Player
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    Russ Hamilton's ranch
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    polishing silverware, competing in the shuttle run, going to discos, robbing homeless people, and wa
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    Indian Poker.... pot limit
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  1. That about sums it up. The poker isn't going well and I can't find a job. What a joke. Here is the response I got on a recent job website (which I refuse to list) when I applied for assistant manager at BURGER KING... BURGER F****** KING. I am a college grad in bus. admin. and I don't fit the f****** requirements to work at BFK. I guess I can't monitor a deep fryer timer. I'll bet any amount of money they have people on their payroll that don't even have green cards. What the hell are the requirements to be an asst. manager at Burger King? I probably have to be a minority for one. I probably need an 8th grade reading level or lower for two. I probably have to be ignorant to customer needs and willing to use a piece of meat that has dropped on the floor for three. The worst part about it... is that I can't do a g****** thing as far as questioning HOW exactly I don't fit their requirements. Hey assholes sit me down for an interview. I will rip that cash register off the desk and shove it so far up that extra wide ass of yours. I'll bet any amount of money the manager is extremely overweight and she/he wants someone that won't question his/her lack of intelligence as far as leading a team goes. Okay, I'm done for now. I haven't posted in a long time and it really feels good. Here is the response. We're sorry We appreciate your interest in Burger King 's Assistant Manager position. We're sorry, but your application did not match the requirements for this position. Your application has not been sent to the employer for consideration. Don't get discouraged! Keep searching assholejobsearchbitchwebsite.com for the job that's right for you. Important! Be sure to add info35893572590com to your email safe senders list so you don't miss messages regarding your account.

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