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  1. Im wondering when its right to push a small pocket pair in a 9 man sng? Ive recently in the mid stages of an sng when I'm up against a small stack and I have a small pocket pair like 66, i push all in. I'm wondering if it's the right thing to do or not? Because I'm finding there always calling and there over cards are hitting more often than not, and I dont know if i'm just on a downswing or if im playing improperly. To give an example I actually had 66 in a recent hand and the button who was also a small stack made a standard 3bb raise which was half of his stack and I had a feeling he was stealing so i pushed all in and he called with KJ and hit his K on the flop. Blind levels were 50-100 at this point. So yeah, no idea if im playing correct or not, your thoughts on this are defenetly appreciated.

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