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    professional fantasy sports player .. less variance
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    home games in Morgantown, W.Va.
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    NL/PL HE, $7.50/$15 and over
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    NL/PL HE MTTs, $100 and over

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  1. I have been getting a lot of Private Messages on here lately all asking the same type of questions: "How long have you been playing?" "What limits did you play at in the past?" and "When/How did you move up to the 50-100 NL Game?" I would like to answer those questions in this article, because I want to help those who feel they have the ability to play higher levels, and to thereby make more money from poker. I want to start by saying that I didn't make a sudden "leap" in the poker world. It was a long road filled with hard work and a combination of seeing thousands upon thousands of ha

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