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  1. Way, way under-rolled for the 109r. Add another 0 to your roll and you may be there. If you really want to take a shot or two play one of the Sunday majors. Much softer field. GL
  2. I would start with HoH I and II. It has been a while since I read HoH so you may be able to skip II but I know Vol. I is a must read. It is a bit dated now but provides a good foundation and really teaches how to approach thinking about a poker hand. I would then move on to the Winning Poker One Hand at a Time Series and then Kill Everyone. I would avoid the McEvoy/Cloutier suggestion - it has to be a level. Good Luck
  3. I have been using the MiFi almost daily since it came out and have rarely had any problems. In my area it will support multitabling (6-8 tables) on my laptop while also running an Ipad and iPhone. I got it early enough that I have unlimited data but I consider it one of my better purchases.
  4. I agree with Hoosier. I applaud all the efforts but would really like more $50+ tournaments, especially starting at 9:30 pm or later. I actually find myself playing more on the other sites now than before and have always preferred UB. How about bringing back the 11pm $109 and throwing on a $15-20K guarantee. There was a time when this was my favorite tournament on the net.
  5. I still play UB MTTs whenever I play. I also play Tilt and Stars but I prefer UBs MTT structure.
  6. Thanks for checking - not sure why I didn't think to check Poker DB.
  7. I think I may have just won a Triple Crown but I'm not sure if one of the tournaments qualifes. On 3/20 I won the 10 PM (or 10:02 PM) $75 buy in daily double on Full Tilt and also won the 10:15 pm eastern $55 buy in on Stars. Sunday night I won the 10 PM $33R on UB. I know the the FT and UB tournies were big enough to qualify but I'm not sure about Stars. Based on the pay out I am thinking it may have been short of the $10K minimum. Any suggestions on how I figure this out? Sorry for the brag post but I'd like to figure this out. Sh@rk runs good.
  8. I was wondering the same thing. My guess is that they convert to tourney $ (T$) but that is just a guess. If anybody has solid info would love to know.
  9. It looks like I got refunds for the $9K $109 and the $19K 33 rebuy but no explanation. My total buy-ins for these 2 were $262 and I think they credited me $407. There were only 9 left in the 109 and I had the chip lead. We were also pretty deep in the rebuy. Unacceptable IMO...
  10. Sh@rkB@it

    wtf UB?

    Looks like the 6500 tourney is running again. Try to get back in if you aren't already. Never mind. It is the 12 am not the 10:30.
  11. Sh@rkB@it

    wtf UB?

    They shut down the 109 too w/ 9 players left and a huge overlay.
  12. Sh@rkB@it


    I played w/ him in the WSOP $5K 6 max and he was very friendly and chatty until he started to lose. Dutch Boyd cripled him and I knocked him out and he was a very sore loser. Just as an example he berated me on the knock out hand for not folding my AJ to his reraise shove whin I was getting about 3 to 1. My assessment is that he is a nice enough guy but a poor loser.

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