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  1. I shot dice with E40 and 2pac back in the 90s
  2. In this situation I think you gotta ask yourself who would wesley snipes bet on?
  3. might be a good one to just check/call a bet on the flop. 3k cbet is not gonna get him to fold and the problem with flatting his 3b is he may bluff you off alot of turns if you miss.. and why would he not raise the nuts when he knows you are probably hanging around with alot of your range for 4k more if not jamming over him.. just my 1.2 cents
  4. Sir Dirt

    Pocket kings

    http://www.pocketfives.com/f7/cold-4-bet-explanation-please-529547/ :-D
  5. so under 10k wasn't planned? That's pretty awesome you basiclly got the maxium amount that wouldn't land you a harsher sentence. Woulda sucked if he gave you like $10,002.. nh ul gg next time tho
  6. limpin aint easy but its fun..
  7. Took check to the bank yesterday and it already cleared. Ez game as the kids say..
  8. requested a check from Bovada on Jan 19th processed on the 19th and delivered today (feb 6th) ..
  9. When you first log in just hook up a nes controller to your pc and press "B,A,B,A, up, down, up down, left, right, select, start. Bam! You now have players screennames
  10. Hmm do you have a plan on what you are going to do if you get 3bet by said "weak players"? If you do have a plan are you sticking to it? If you are sticking to your plan..if it never seems to work maybe you can post your thoughts on some of those hands.. also you should give more info about the weak players... weak can mean they are playing too many hands which in this case a 4bet might be a option or weak could also mean they aren't playing enough hands and you can assume you just pissed off some nits and they are playing back at you now/you ran into a real hand type of situation.. take my thoughts with a grain of salt tho cause I play mostly freerolls :)

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