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  1. I resubscribed to the network for survivor series. Insta regret lol. Was mysterios outfit an homage to Doink tho?
  2. Why tf doesn’t Nevada have stars!
  3. Lol what? That’s a sick beat no matter how it went down. I’m guessing you’ve never played much poker
  4. I wish I could’ve seen the rant. Cliffs?
  5. We’ve had legal online poker in Vegas for years now and still no sign of getting stars! 😭
  6. lol I missed that part but he was an open racist so doesn’t surprise me. Sucks though cause that thread was going off for a while. Please never let me end up stealing money from my wife to grind spin and go to make a living. Sounds miserable
  7. What happened to the got skills got married thread? Divorced already?
  8. Sir

    I got Married

    You married vanity?
  9. Sir

    I got Married

    Lol yes jealous of a dude who has to brag to OT about a 6/10 he met on Facebook that won’t end up working out anyways. You caught me! lol crushing spin and gos with a “hottie” as a wife? We got entirely different definitions of hottie. You’re girl is decent definitely nothing special. It’s gonna end in flames for sure! you might be the biggest clown on the forum. Keep stealing your girls money until she leaves you tho.. solid strategy cotton. Oh and the funniest part joining a “crew” in your 30s/40s. And the dumbest group of people around at that. Must be a real cool life needing validation like that
  10. Sir

    I got Married

    People who brag this much are usually full of shit. Also imagine having two million in cashes and needing to steal a couple grand from your girl to play spin and go.. nice life
  11. I thought it was always common knowledge that Swerve is SR?

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