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    I play soccer and hockey in my free time and grind poker whenever I am not doing that .
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    Oil Worker
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    Soccer and Hockey
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    1/2 no limit hold em
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    Sunday Million


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  1. Don't have to be as a pack if you want action on just one tourney let me know !
  2. I will sell 90 percent at any specific tournament
  3. Would someone be interested in staking me in a small game first ?
  4. I mostly been playing live games this year I'm honestly a good tourney player
  5. Sunday tournaments selling 90% the bigger $109 Sunday Million $215 the hotter $55 the bigger $55 the hotter $44 sunday storm $11 the bigger $11 the bigger $8.80 the hotter $11 the hotter $22 TOTAL is $541.80 10% = $54.18 No MARK UP Ship to stars - Skidmore19

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