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  1. Congrats to the winners 91 entries1st Chris Kulis 14402nd Bennet Hayes 360worst Sean Mayle 20hope everyone joins again next year
  2. get your picks in site lags bad last 1-2 hours I m headed out at 930 wont be able to send out new invites after that
  3. Same as it has been for last 23 years. Send $ to me on Paypal, Venmo or mail check, cash, money order Please pm me with your email address then I will send invite . after u send $ with your name on your entry or post here with your screen name that sent the $ On cbssportsline... If u were in last year u will get an auto invite after they announce brackets. 113 entries last year Max brackets per user: 10 Constitution: $20 each bracket entry fee Tiebreaker is total points in the championship game Winner gets 80% 2nd place gets 20% $20 r
  4. bonomo 5 Moorman 3 helmuth 3 ellefson2 Maio 2
  5. 113 entries x 20=2260 minus 20 for worst Chance Wagstaff 2240 prize pool 1st - 80%= 1792 Michael Simpson 2nd- 20%= 448 Kevin Kellogg Thanks to all that played
  6. Headed to pittsburgh for Oklahoma and Duke games I wont be able to add anymore invtes after 9 am est
  7. get your brackets in today. site slows way down on Thursday

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