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  1. Really? Yup.

    After 170 sessions of utter card death beyond anything I've ever seen in decades in the game, with no rush, mini-rush, mini-heater during that streak, it broke tonight. I won three straight hands total of about 4K in the pots. What made the streak even more unbearable than the 170 figure is the fact that I was only playing once a week usually. So it was nearly 3 years. I stared at the cards in disbelief that I was no longer up against the "you don't win a pot no matter what" phenomenon. If you read my thread you now know the universe is a quantum computer, dealing its agenda and keeping count. And that's not nothing. I already believed that, then recently I heard a physicist, wish I could name him, say, "If the universe is acting like a quantum computer, and let's face it ... it is ....." Awesome quote.

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