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    Paid very late for a prop bet made on P5s



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    pokers my 9 to 5
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    Grosvenor Casino
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    football music and gambling
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    nl hold em freezout

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  1. My biggest win to date which is only small chips to most of you was just short of $1,700 I was 4 handed small stack 200k to each villains 1m plus and chip leader had 3m to finish fourth was something like $699 and they offered me $700 I said I would settle for just short of 3rd place $850 or no deal they did not want to budge why would I deal for a single $1 so then I said lets play, after the host went I was just berrated for not dealing and how I ruined the deal ended up going hu with the chip lead was then asked if I would deal I just wrote in capitals NO and took it down., basically fcuk

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