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  1. I recently experienced a problem with cashing out a check sent me by the americas cardroom. I requested a withdrawal on July 26th for the amount of $1000. After receiving the check, I deposited it at my account (Wells Fargo) on August 5th. The check was sent from Bank of Montreal. Three weeks later, my bank (Wells Fargo) withdrawn $1000 from my account plus a $15 fee with a statement "Funds not cleared" It looks like Americas cardroom ran out of money and started sending empty checks to their loyal customers. Don't use Americas cardroom. It turned into a SCAM. Their customer phone number doesn't work for along time so you can't reach them. The live chat isn't working either. When I requested to resolve the issue with the check they said they can't help because I have to write "Void" in the check. Obviously I don't have the check since it was submitted to the bank three weeks ago. How am I supposed to get the actual check back from the bank. They can only send me an image of the check but not the actual check. ACR sucks!!!

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